Master Key Systems

Master KeysThere are several levels to a master key system.  Please allow me to explain how the keys operate.

Master Key is a key that will operate all locks in the entire facility.  No extra keys needed to operate any of the doors in the facility.  You could consider this as the highest key in the system.

Sub Master is a key that will operate all locks in a section of the facility.  This could be for a school area, and all the classrooms in that area.  This key would be given to the Director of the school, or other persons that need to have access to the entire school only area.

Room Keys will only operate the classrooms or offices that that key is assigned to.  All rooms should be keyed different so that each employee has his or her own key for security purposes.

Storerooms, Janitor closets, Elevator room, Electrical Closets all will have their own key as well.  Each office will have its own key, and there could also be a sub master for group offices as well.  Those group areas would be like Accounting Group, Sales Group, etc.

Exterior Doors all will be keyed alike except for certain doors.  These keys should not be issued to anyone so that they cannot access the facility through any door of their choice.  The traffic into the building should be only allowed where there are access points.

Life safety issues are paramount when it comes to a master key system.  Taking time to actually figure out what keys go to where and actually why they are keyed in such a manner to keep everyone safe and also allow our fire department total access to the building is a big undertaking.

The master key matrix that will be used has the possibility of 1024, 4096, 15625, or 32000 different keys for the building depending on the key that you have.  All Master Key Files are kept on a secure flash drive.  Also included in all of our master key programs is a key audit trail to track who has what key or code to access the facility that information will be filled out when a key or key access code is issued.  All master keys will be cut on Neuter Bowed Keys that say Do Not Duplicate on one side and will have a key code stamped on the other side.  All doors will get an I.D. for key identification so that each lock will match the code assigned and the lock will be keyed properly.

Master Key Systems can be used for Office Complexes, Schools, Churches, Apartment Houses, Strip Centers, and other buildings.

We look forward to showing you how easy a master key system will fit into your budget and how easy they are to maintain if an employee leaves, or looses a key.