Re-Keying a Cylinder!

Once I have your locks off your doors, allow me to show you what I do with them.  This first photo is a deadbolt cylinder that is about to be re-keyed.c

This is the outside of a double cylinder deadbolt.  We are now going to prep the cylinder to remove the pins.

d cropAs you can see the Retainer Clip on the back of the cylinder is now raised and once removed along with the tail piece (part that is sticking up) we are ready to remove the plug from the cylinder.fBy using the key that you gave to me that currently works your locks, we are able to take it apart and it looks like this. . .gYou can see that all the pins are in the plug and that the plug looks dingy and dirty.  This is due to the weather and dirt in our world.  Whenever I rekey a lock, I always clean it with a special cleaner that I get from my wholesale house and the plug looks like this afterwords. jThis is what came off the plug. . .nI never thought I would take a picture of dirt!  But here it is.

Now we rekey the lock.  I always use original pins for a much better fit of the key, then I use graphite ON the plug, and re-assemble the plug back into the shell and then put on the tail piece and retainer clip and reinstall it on the door.

By using original pins, they are cut to factory specifications and work wonderfully in the locks that I work on.  I have top of the line key machines and duplicators, and they are tested daily to make sure that they are in tolerance.