Why Rekey?

There are many reasons why you should rekey your home. Here are a few examples:

  • When you move into your new home (new construction or not)
  • If you have had your keys stolen or misplaces
  • If your child looses the house key
  • Divorce
  • After a break-in, fire, or any life safety issue
  • After repairmen have had your house key  (there is a different option for this)

What does rekeying mean?

Rekeying of a lock simply means to change the keys that operate your locks.  This is accomplished by taking the cylinder out of the lock and changing the pins that are currently working the lock to a different key and pins so that the old key no longer works.  By doing so, you eliminate the concern of having your key in the “wrong” hands.

Why not just pruchase new hardware?

You certainly can do that, but the lock manufacturers have taken many shortcuts on the hardware sold in the big box stores.  In fact, there have been several suits filed for these new locks failing to work which have trapped people inside or outside of their homes.  They are also expensive, and made very cheaply.  A simple rekey is less costly than new hardware.  Here is an example.
You currently have a Schlage Accent Lever on your front door, back door, and 2 single sided Schlage Deadbolts on the doors as well.  You decide to do it yourself and purchase new hardware.  Purchasing the same hardware keyed alike will cost you in excess of $300.00!  The Schlage Accent Levers are $105.00 each!  Deadbolts are about $60.00 each, then getting them to be keyed alike will be an additional 60.00.  Getting 2 more keys $5.00 so that totals 395.00 without tax!

Having a professional locksmith like Jerry’s Lock Shoppe do the service of rekeying the locks will cost

4 Rekeys     @ $17.50 each     =   $70.00
1 Service Call                           =    60.00
4 New Keys @ $3.00  each      =   12.00

Total of                                        $142.00 plus tax

So basically a savings of $265.00 plus the time that you don’t have to spend on the install of the locks too.

I’m sure that the savings is a huge factor.

We are a professional service that provides professional care for all you lock needs.  Give us a call @
303-910-7287 for all your locksmith needs.

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